Links for People Interested in Cyps

Photo of C. acaule

The World Wide Web has many excellent resources for Cypripedium enthusiasts, a few of which we list below:

We often get queries from people with a seed capsule from their favorite lady's-slipper or other native terrrestrial orchid seeking someone to germinate the seed.  Unless the plant is a Cyp and the particular seed or an associated project has high conservation value, we usually decline to work with the seed.  Fortunately there is a company that does custom seed germination of Cyps and other genera of North American terrestrial orchids: Meyers Conservatory.

The American Orchid Society provides a number of important services for all kinds of orchid enthusiasts including a bookstore with a great many titles and lists of orchid suppliers.

If you are searching for a source of Cyp plants or orchids of any other genus, we recommend checking OrchidWire.  OrchidWire contains a huge, easily searchable, data base of many hundreds of orchid suppliers in numerous countries.

Because habitat destruction is the greatest threat to our native orchids, Cyp lovers should support The Nature Conservancy. The TNC purchases and protects habitat for native orchids and many other plant and animal species. The TNC web site is well worth a visit.

Wild Ones is a group promoting landscaping with native plants. Local chapters provide help with horticultural problems, conduct plant rescues, harvest wild seed, and promote the conservation of native plants and their use in landscaping as an alternative to traditional lawns and flower gardens that displace wildlife and contribute to the spread of invasive alien species. Whether you grow native orchids or pearly everlasting, this is a wonderful organization.

The Orchid Conservation Coalition is a grassroots organization seeking to raise awareness and funds for conservation of orchids in their native habitats.  Spangle Creek Labs is proud to participate in the 1% for Orchid Conservation program of the OCC.

Other Cypripedium sites can easily be found using the various Internet search engines.